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Jun 1999/Jul 1999 Volume 4, Number 3

Product Review:

The KaDooty

About a year ago, I received a KaDOOTY® "Ultimate Muzzleloading Tool" for trial and evaluation. If you're like me, you've read the KaDOOTY ads and puzzled over what that tool might be. I will simplify grossly by revealing that it's a sophisticated loading, cleaning, and "working" rod that permits us to apply consistent pressure to every load. The KaDOOTY assembles from threaded sections and tapered nipples, and has a sliding weight that the shooter lets drop a specified number of times to settle the projectile and powder charge. The idea is that this method of seating applies pressure evenly throughout the entire charge, unlike what we accomplish by loading in the conventional way with a hand-held loading rod. The KaDOOTY is intended for use with round balls, conicals, and saboted bullets.

The KaDOOTY is manufactured of solid brass, and the workmanship is very fine. Each tool comes with a printed booklet and instructional video.

As most folks know, repeatable seating pressure is important for consistent velocities and accuracy. I trust that axiom, and it seems that the KaDOOTY will deliver as promised. If you attend the SHOT Show, NRA annual convention, or any other event where the KaDOOTY folks are set up, visit their display and listen to the presentation. Their cut-away rifle, video, and message are very convincing.

Since I received my KaDOOTY, I have attended numerous shoots and used the tool on several occasions; but since much of my shooting consists of woods walks and other primitive-type matches, I have not used the KaDOOTY as extensively as it deserves. I will report here on my limited experience with the tool, but must stress that I need and intend to continue using it whenever conditions are favorable, i.e., during line shoots.

I know that the good folks who have developed and manufacture the KaDOOTY would like to see it used by shooters under all conditions, including primitive and hunting. In my assessment, though, there is little likelihood that either of those venues will find many KaDOOTIES in use. For most primitive events, shooters are limited to using one loading/cleaning rod that fits the thimbles of their firearm; and the KaDOOTY is too unwieldy and heavy to carry in the field after game. It surely could be used for loading the first shot at the hunting camp or vehicle, but thereafter I have no doubt that it will remain behind.

My first trial with the KaDOOTY was in a Territorial Match. Regrettably, I almost never have a chance to practice shooting, and it's seldom advisable to use a new piece of equipment for the first time under match conditions. It took me a while to get the hang of using the tool, and I ran out of time in my relay with one shot left. But the tool had me intrigued, and I decided to make the best of the situation by using it in the next stage of the aggregate as well.

If you believe the KaDOOTY promise, you may gain slightly in confidence as you shoot, and that seldom hurts. I knew that consistent velocity would be crucial to scoring well on the offhand target at 100 yards; I don't know for sure that the KaDOOTY made the difference, but I can say that I was pleased to win the match with a respectable score and against some very competent shooters.

Lanier Cordell of KaDOOTY told me that some members of the US International Muzzleloading Team have begun using the KaDOOTY. I would take that as a very revealing endorsement. The KaDOOTY was also used in the NMLRA Manufacturers' Match last September.

The concept of the KaDOOTY makes sense to me, and I anticipate continuing to use it during line shoots. I look forward to trying it with my single-shot pistols. The KaDOOTY has been engineered with a view to safety and ease in loading, but of course all normal precautions of keeping the muzzle pointed away from the body and hands clear to the extent possible still apply. I believe that the better a shooter you are, or want to be, the more benefit you will derive from the KaDOOTY. Perhaps the price, about $150, will be a deterrent to some shooters. But one reason for the price is the use of solid brass - another safety consideration, since brass does not spark or hold a static charge. More information and endorsements are available on the KaDOOTY web page at Members of the NMLRA can save about $20 by ordering the KaDOOTY from the NMLRA Merchandise Store. The KaDOOTY is now available by contacting Brenda at (812) 667-5131 for $129.95 + tax and shipping.

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